Kerala Backwaters Tour

Kerala’s backwaters are main attraction of the state and Kerala backwater tour is an ideal way to enjoy the picturesque beauty of these matchless landscapes. Kerala’s backwaters make up nearly half of the state, forming a water network extending about 900 km. Dozens of lakes, canals, inlets, and rivers come together to create the stunning landscape which leaves so many tourists mesmerized.

Cruising through the backwaters of Kerala is one of the most memorable and romantic experiences that you will definitely going to enjoy, and this is why it should not be given a miss when you are in the state. Kerala backwater tour is the seamless way to enjoy this backwater landscape.

From the dazzling backwaters of Alleppey to those of Kasargod to the enchanting backwaters of Cochin and more, there are bundle of options on the list to choose from. All the places are equally romantic and loaded with a rich natural beauty. They only differ in minor details like the nearest city or the islands close by. No matter where in Kerala you choose to start your backwater tour from, you will surely find the wealth of amazing experiences waiting for you.

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